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Clinton Well and Pump | Hunterdon County NJ Well Service

At Clinton Well and Pump, for 35 years we've been providing top quality well services in the Hunterdon County NJ area, including well inspection, well chlorination & sanitizing, well locating, and more. We also serve Morris, Warren and Somerset County, NJ.

Well Chlorination and Sanitizing

Well chlorination involves disinfecting and flushing ("shocking") your Hunterdon County NJ area water well with chlorine (bleach) to eliminate bacteria, as well as improve the water's taste and odor. Well chlorination should be done when a new well is constructed or a new tank or pump has been installed, after the well has been open for repairs, if flood water has entered the well, if water tests confirm the presence of bacteria, or if odors or slime caused by iron or sulfur bacteria are present.

Well Locating

Whether you've moved into a new home or forgot where your water well is located, we use state-of-the-art equipment to locate your Hunterdon County NJ area water well. It's necessary to know where your well is located in case it needs to be repaired, sanitized or decommissioned.

Clinton Well and Pump | Hunterdon County NJ Well Service

Well Casing Extension

Many water wells in the Hunterdon County NJ area are below grade and grandfathered in to be legal, but it is very beneficial to upgrade your well casing to at least 12 inches above grade, and be secured with a water tight and vermin-proof well cap. Extending the well casing helps to protect the well from contamination by surface water runoff, flood waters and vermin, makes it easier to access the well if it needs to be serviced, and provides better visibility to the well cap which can help to avoid damage by equipment such as lawnmowers.

Well Video Camera Inspection

We do video inspections for Hunterdon County NJ area wells to measure the integrity of the steel well casing, the grout seal at the bottom of the well casing, and the length of the well casing. Having the correct amount of casing in your well is very important to avoid contamination and harmful bacteria. Our video inspection of your water well can help us determine the depth of the well casing and if there is any deterioration or mineral encrustation that can cause water quality and quantity problems, and may also identify points of entry and/or location of bacteria contamination of your Hunterdon County NJ area water well.

Clinton Well and Pump | Hunterdon County NJ Well Service
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